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FairfaxNews now offers sponsored content! Whether it’s a new store opening, executive appointment or an appeal for volunteer help, our sponsored content program guarantees you’ll reach our engaged and influential audience. While even the most newsworthy story can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of a busy news day, sponsored content is guaranteed a spot on our home page and in the righthand column that displays the latest stories, events and weather information.

Your story will reach not only Fairfax but the entire Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, thanks to our coverage of top news stories from all of the DMV region. More than 80,000 people consult our site each month, with more than 120,000 pageviews reported in the most recent month. Our audience is 97.48% U.S.-based, Google Analytics reports, with virtually all American viewers in the Fairfax/Washington area.

How it works

Sponsored content is handled separately from the releases submitted to the news department, but that doesn’t mean sponsored content won’t be picked up and used as the basis for a news story. Our editors review all incoming content and may use your sponsored content if they find it fits the day’s news menu. There are no guarantees but rest assured, submitting sponsored content does not disqualify your story from being used by the news department.

Sponsored content stories carry a red tag reading “Sponsored Content” and appear in the Press Releases category. They are displayed on the home page and in the right-hand column of our site for at least 24 hours. Thereafter, they remain until displaced by another submission. Stories remain in the Press Releases archive for at least six months and will be available for indexing by search engines and breaking news apps. Our site is closely monitored by the search engines and apps and new postings are generally picked up promptly.

To ensure that every sponsored story receives full exposure, we are able to accept only four sponsored stories per day.

We reserve the right to review all submitted content and may reject any submission. Personal attacks, sexual innuendo and promotion of illegal or unethical actions are not allowed. Thanks for your understanding.

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Please use this form to submit your story. We will contact you if more information is needed or if we have any questions. Please note that stories will generally be published exactly as they are received, so double-check spelling, dates, etc.