Local advertisers only?

Yes, that’s right. Google Ads and other national, behavior-driven ads have made the Internet a pain for users and are destroying local and regional news sites. We would rather have no advertising than participate in the Google-driven race to the bottom, a nose dive that hurts both publishers and local businesses.

That’s why we don’t accept national ads for our most valuable above-the-fold positions. If you’re a local business, you can support local journalism and reach your customers and potential customers where they live by advertising on FairfaxNews and other local sites. And not only that …

We offer exclusivity

Back in the day, advertisers enjoyed at least limited exclusivity. TV stations would run ads for only one tire store or airline in a broadcast and many newspapers would guarantee no competing ads on the same page. These days, if you’re not careful, you have ads for competing businesses right next to your ads.

Maybe we’re old-fashioned but we think this is just bad for everybody. So we’re offering exclusivity. Tell us what category you want to own and it will be yours. No other nail salons, Realtors or furniture stores competing on the same page as your ads.

Contact us now to discuss it. Or if you’re ready to start, sign up now using our self-service form.