Fairfax Trash Disposal Service Pledges to Get Back on Track

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American Disposal Services will pay $2,500 to settle complaints about late and delayed trash and recycling pickups in Fairfax County, according to TysonsReporter.

The county had considered suing the trash pickup company after two supervisors said taxpayers had been complaining about missed pickup dates. The company said it had experienced a shortage of drivers and wasn’t able to fill all of its shifts but said it had been “aggressively hiring and recruiting” to beef up its roster of drivers.

The local news sites quoted Matthew Kaiser, the spokesperson for the county’s Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES), as saying the company signed a consent agreement on June 10 obligating it to get back on schedule.

There was no explanation for the delay in revealing that the agreement had been reached.

Kaiser said that under the agreement the company must make regular reports and follow up promptly on complaints.



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