Heat Wave May Finally be Near an End

photoPhoto: DC Fire & Rescue

The heat and humidity that has melted Fairfax and vicinity the last several days may be nearing an end. That doesn’t mean the weather will suddenly be pleasant but it will at least be a bit more normal — hot and humid but not ferocious, as it has been the last several days.

The forecast is for thunderstorms Sunday night continuing into Monday, with a high of 90 Monday. That’s not cool but it’s a lot cooler than the triple-digit temperatures of the last several days.

The torpid blast has made life miserable for outdoor workers, firefighters and others, and has been blamed for at least one hiker’s death. A hiker died on Maryland’s Billy Goat Trail Saturday and authorities said heat exhaustion and dehydration may have been to blame. At least ten other people required medical attention and at last word, the trail had been closed until cooler temperatures return.

On a lighter note, there were the usual hot-weather experiments. Some people tried frying eggs on the sidewalk and Montgomery County Fire and Rescue shared this photo of an ear of corn that spontaneously began popping.

Photo: Montgomery County Fire & Rescue

The advice from health experts: Stay inside. Keep pets inside as much as possible and don’t let dogs walk on hot asphalt. If you must go out, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


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