Fairfax County Property Tax Payments Due July 29


Fairfax homeowners take note: the first installment of your 2019 real estate property tax payment is due Monday, July 29. The deadline will matter to those who do not have a mortgage, since they are responsible for making the payment themselves. For those with a mortgage, the tax payment is generally included in the monthly mortgage payment.

Assessment notices were mailed to property owners in February. The payment is determined by the tax rate and the assessed value of the property. Homeowners can pay in two installments, the first being due July 29.

It is too late to appeal assessments, so homeowners need to get pen and checkbook in hand and pay up.

Value changes

Of the 354,695 taxable parcels in the county, 294,520 experienced a value change for 2019.

2019 Equalization Parcels that Increased, Decreased or Remained Unchanged
Equalization Base # of Parcels Parcels with an Increase Parcels with a Decrease Parcels Unchanged
Residential 335,220 253,219 (75.6%) 26,275 (7.8%) 55,726 (16.6%)
Non-Residential 10,879 4,563 (41.9%) 1,867 (17.2%) 4,449 (40.9%)
Total 346,099 257,782 (74.5%) 28,142 (8.1%) 60,175 (17.4%)

The January 1, 2019 taxable assessment base increased from the January 1, 2018 base. Main Book Assessments for 2019 total approximately $255.19 billion, which is an increase of approximately $8.86 billion, or 3.60 percent over the 2018 assessment base. The Equalization, Growth, Residential, and Non-Residential components are shown below.

2019 Equalization and Growth Changes
Equalization Change Growth Change Total Change
Residential $4.28 B (2.36%) $1.23 B (0.68%) $5.51 B (3.03%)
Non-Residential $1.75 B (2.71%) $1.60 B (2.47%) $3.35 B (5.19%)
Total $6.03 B (2.45%) $2.83 B (1.15%) $8.86 B (3.60%)







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