Connolly, Beyer Call for Evans to Resign from Metro Board

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Metro board Chairman Jack Evans has been under fire for ethics violations, and today Northern Virginia Congressmen Gerry Connolly (D) and Don Beyer (D) called for him to resign. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) called for his resignation in May, calling him “ethically compromised.”

“The time is long overdue for Jack Evans finally to do the decent thing and resign from the Metro Board,” said Connolly, Chairman of the House Government Operations subcommittee. “The evidence is now clear that Mr. Evans actively used his Chairman’s position to aggrandize himself by promoting the interests of a parking company that became his client while deliberately using that same office to denigrate and disadvantage a competing firm that was not his client. And he covered up these unethical activities and then lied about them.

“Subsequently, Mr. Evans lied about the findings of Metro’s ethics investigation into his behavior while serving as Metro’s Board Chairman. Jack Evans is a walking billboard for the ethically challenged, represents a clear and present threat to restoring public confidence in Metro’s integrity, jeopardizes our efforts to renew federal support for Metro in Congress and should resign immediately,” said Connolly.

The Washington Post reported today that a 20-page internal memo prepared by a law firm that investigated Evans for the board’s ethics committee found “multiple violations,” including failures to disclose his consulting and personal relationships, and to recuse himself from Metro “transactions, discussions and issues” where he had a potential conflict of interest.

Beyer said that WMATA has enough problems trying to keep its trains and buses running and should not have to deal with Evans’ shortcomings.

“At a time when WMATA faces serious challenges, including the need to improve safety and reliability and secure long-term funding, we need WMATA’s leadership entirely focused on constructive solutions to solve these problems. Chairman Jack Evans’ ethical issues are serious and pose a threat to the success of the Metro Board’s mission. He should step down from the Board immediately,” Beyer said.

The law firm’s report says Evans took “an active role in parking issues” at Metro while failing to disclose that he was receiving $50,000 a year in a consulting contract with Colonial Parking.

Evans was appointed to the Metro board in January 2015. He also holds a city on the District of Columbia Council, representing Ward 2.