Enjoy a better summer with our hayfever treatment tips

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Summer is usually a time that’s filled with fun and laughter. But the story is often different when you suffer from hayfever. From itchy eyes to a stuffy nose that just won’t budge, all those small annoyances soon mount up to big problems. With our hayfever treatment tips, you’ll enjoy a better summer.

Use Vaseline to trap pollen

Most people who suffer from hayfever experience symptoms when pollen enters through their noise. One useful approach to hayfever treatment involves using Vaseline to trap it. Applying a little Vaseline around your nostrils traps some of the pollen that’s waiting to trigger your symptoms. It may not stop them entirely, but it will reduce them considerably.

Look for the pollen count

Although you may want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, sometimes it isn’t wise to. To maintain some control over this, look for the pollen count in your local area. When it reads as high, employ one of the best approaches to hayfever treatment available: avoidance. Spend more time indoors and you won’t trigger your allergies as often.

Find a suitable anti-histamine

One of the best hayfever treatments you can buy over the counter is an everyday anti-histamine. By blocking histamine, they reduce your symptoms and allow you to feel more comfortable. However, make sure you don’t take those that have drowsy properties in the morning. For a tactical approach, use an antihistamine such as loratadine during the day and a drowsy one such as diphenhydramine at night.

Invest in a pair of wraparound sunglasses

When pollen lands near your eyes, it may trigger the release of histamine in the area. As a result, you’ll encounter itching and tearing that becomes almost unbearable. An effective way to tackle this is to switch your usual sunglasses for wraparound versions instead. By blocking pollen from entering the eye area at all angles, they make you far less vulnerable to an attack.

Add filters to your car and HVAC

Both your car and home air conditioning systems depend on drawing air from the outside to fulfil their purpose. To avoid this becoming a problem, add filters to all of them. By filtering out the pollen, they reduce the number of reactions you have when driving or when using your air conditioning at home.

Other quick hayfever treatments to try

There’s no harm in experimenting with different hayfever treatments, providing they don’t negatively affect any other medical treatments you’re using. Other approaches you can try include:

  • Showering and changing your clothes immediately after coming inside to reduce the presence of pollen.
  • Keeping windows and doors closed.
  • Avoid mowing the grass and ask someone else to perform the task instead.
  • Vacuum and dust inside your home regularly.

With consistent efforts, you can avoid hayfever attacks and enjoy a better summer.


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