Fairfax forms joint environmental task force

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Fairfax County’s elected officials are considering formation of a joint environmental task force, called JET, to collaborate on climate, energy and environmental issues.

The board of supervisors and the school board met jointly yesterday to discuss the initiative. Members of both bodies will serve on the task force.

“Both boards have a desire to move forward on a number of environmental fronts, and this joint committee will help us identify and focus our priorities,” supervisors chairman Sharon Bulova said. “Environmental issues intersect with many aspects of community life and require a ‘One Fairfax’ lens in order to address comprehensively. I am pleased with this collaborative approach and look forward to innovative and visionary ideas stemming from this committee.”

“Our community is aware of the urgency needed to deal with climate change, and the establishment of this committee puts that issue front and center for Fairfax County,” said school board chair Karen Corbett Sanders. “With both FCPS and the County at the table, we can address these critical issues holistically, keeping the health and well-being of our young people front and center of our work to ensure we address the need for environmental sustainability.”

The JET committee will have its first meeting in the coming weeks and is projected to be in place indefinitely.



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