DC, Puerto Rico leaders meet to discuss statehood


The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, welcomed Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Elizabeth Bowser at the Governor’s Executive Mansion this afternoon.

“It was an honor to speak with Mayor Bowser. We both share common ideals, such as the struggle for the safety of our people, education, and sound government administration, among many other things. But, fundamentally, we are united by the struggle for equality of rights of those who elected us to our positions. Bowser advocates for statehood for the District of Columbia with great passion, in the same way that I advocate for statehood for Puerto Rico,” said Governor Rosselló.

Both Mayor Bowser and Governor Rosselló support bills to admit the jurisdictions as states of the United States.

“I made it clear to Mayor Bowser that I believe in statehood for Puerto Rico as much as I believe in statehood for the District of Columbia. Equality cannot be exclusive. In both cases, the optimal development of our fellow citizens depends on the equal treatment that states receive. I am pleased to know that we agree,” said Rosselló.


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Truman Lewis
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