Recruit School 144 Graduates Tonight

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This is a news release from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department published verbatim.

After 26 weeks of intense training, the 17 members of Recruit School 144 will be graduating this evening. Check out our various social media sites (see tab up top) starting around 7 p.m., to see parts of the ceremony.

Recruit Class 144

First Row: Joshua H. Davis, Bernard F. Cory, Carter T. Bowns, Austin D. Cole Second Row: Austin L. Collins, Joshua V. de la Cruz, Sophia J. Therriault, Mark G. Martinez, Christopher J. Uhrin, Kathryn M. Auer, Zachary S. Stratton Third Row: Kevin E. Weaver, Levi C. Bingman, Alberto Cabrera, Benjamin B. Rothwell, Amos J. Nissley, William P. MacCallum