I Checked My Smoke Alarm – Now What?

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This is a news release from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department published verbatim.

When you changed your clock this past weekend, you also checked your smoke alarms. Good job!

Having a working smoke alarm is just one important part of an overall plan to survive if your home catches fire. Another important part – a home fire escape plan.

Does your family have a home escape plan in case of fire? If not, you should.Home fire escape plan

Don’t know how to create a plan? We can help! Please take the time to go to our website to learn how to create a plan as well as use the worksheet provided to draw out your plan.

Go here: Family Home Fire Escape Plan

Once the plan is complete, take the time to test your plan by having a home fire drill. Also, please make sure you practice your plan at least twice a year.