State of the Union reviews vary widely

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Virginia Republicans called it a “thorough, comprehensive, and impressive blueprint” but Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said President Trump’s State of the Union address was “more of the same partisan fear-mongering and one-sided demands.”

“What I had hoped to hear from the President tonight was ​a plan to make sure our government stays up and running ten days from now, and a willingness to work with Congress to make sure that a shutdown never happens again,” Warner said. “It’s deeply disappointing to the hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors across the Commonwealth and the country who are once again bracing for the worst.”

But John March, communications director for the Virginia Republican Party, said the speech reflected “an agenda benefiting Americans throughout Virginia” and said that President Trump “has launched our nation to new heights, bringing jobs back to our country like never seen before while also supporting hardworking citizens at home and members of our armed forces serving overseas.”

“As expected, Trump crowed about the economy and his tax cuts. But we know who those tax cuts were designed to benefit — his wealthy friends and the GOP’s donor class,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.)

“It’s also no surprise that he stuck to his usual fear-mongering tactics on immigration, instead of calling for comprehensive immigration reform and smart investments in 21st century border security — not a medieval, ineffective wall,” Connolly said.

In his speech, Trump renewed his call for a wall along the border with Mexico but did not repeat his threats to declare an emergency.  


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