Beyer among sponsors of Freedom of Religion Act

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Northern Virginia Rep. Don Beyer is among the leaders of a group of 124 members of the House of Representatives who today introduced the Freedom of Religion Act to prohibit religious discrimination in the U.S.  immigration system.

The legislation was originally introduced by Beyer in 2016 in response to then-candidate Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban proposal, a version of which remains in effect as the policy of the United States government.

“We prioritized introducing this legislation because portions of President Trump’s Muslim Ban remain in force and are at odds with American values and principles,” said Beyer. “From the moment Trump took office, he made it clear that persecuting immigrants and minorities would be the guiding principle of his Administration. This is the same principle which caused him to shut down the government.”

“Freedom of religion is at the core of American’s founding—the first colonists came here to flee persecution and practice their religious beliefs in peace, and many of today’s refugees come for the same reason,” Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said. “America’s example as a beacon of light for the rest of the world is diminished by the President’s Muslim ban. This unlawful executive order undermines American security and sends a chilling signal to Muslim American citizens here at home.”



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