Woman pinned by minivan in McLean

photoThe electronic gear shift system blamed for some roll-over deaths in FCA vehicles. (ConsumerAffairs photo)

A woman has been hospitalized after being pinned between a minivan and a house in McLean. Details of the accident are unclear but one first responder said it may have been “just one of those weird things,” according to our content partner TysonsReporter. Read the full story here.

Accidents in which cars unexpectedly roll over their owners are not as unusual as you might expect. In one widely reported case, Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was crushed to death when his Jeep rolled forward and crushed him against a concrete post as he opened his mail, according to ConsumerAffairs. A class action lawsuit was filed in that case, claiming that there have been hundreds of accidents involving Jeeps and other FCA models with an e-shift system.



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