Vienna recognizes green businesses

vienna photo

This is a news release from the Town of Vienna published verbatim.

Nine Vienna businesses who have successfully completed the Town’s 2018 Sustainability Challenge were recognized at last night’s Town Council meeting. The Sustainability Challenge, born of the Community Enhancement Commission’s desire to recognize environmentally friendly businesses, acknowledges those who adopt sustainable products, policies, and practices that cut costs and benefit the larger community.

Through the program, certified businesses tally points on a checklist of green practices that they undertake as part of day-to-day operations. Vienna’s 2018 certified sustainable businesses include:

  • Caboose Brewing Company
  • Caffe Amouri
  • Cycle Chi
  • The Insight Shop
  • Joanne Ehreth Burke, CPA, PLLC
  • Metro Scooters
  • Purple Onion Catering
  • Social Burger
  • The Sustainability Guys

Says Metro Scooters owner Marc Connelly of taking on sustainable business practices: “It’s really like a game. You look around at your place, at the simple stuff, and ask yourself questions like: ‘Do I really need to heat this place 24/7? Or do the lights in this room need to be on when I’m the only one here?’”

“There are so many choices out there for products,” says Social Burger owner Denise Lee, “and as a small business owner I can easily change my beef supplier to someone who is local, has high-quality products, and lower transportation costs. It’s a win-win-win: Cut costs, make a better product, and excel in customer service.”

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