Loudoun passes the 400,000 mark

photoThe Dulles Greenway

Loudoun County has passed the 400,000 population mark, up 29 percent since 2010, according to the latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, putting it solidly among the four most populous jurisdictions in Virginia. Fairfax County at 1.1 million is the largest, followed by Prince William County and the City of Virginia Beach.

Most significant, perhaps, is Loudoun’s rate of growth. It has been one of the fastest growing counties in the country for the last several years while others in the top four have been largely stagnant. Since 2000, Loudoun’s growth has been a staggering 137 percent.

This all sounds fine and, yes, by most measures Loudoun is still the wealthiest county per capita in the U.S. but all that growth and all those demanding high-income residents bring their share of problems as well, the report notes.

Public school enrollment is at 81,000 and pressure on roads and other public services remains intense. The county’s goal is to meet the pressure for services while maintaining a sound fiscal structure, County Administrator Tim Hemstreet notes in a preface to the report.

The Washington Business Journal perused the 230-page report and found this interesting nugget: the county’s most valuable asset is a road. Not just any road, of course, but the Dulles Greenway, owned by Toll Road Investors Partnership II LLC. One of the first privately owned toll roads in the country during modern times, the highway that runs from Dulles Airport to Leesburg has an assessed value of $367.7 million, 0.45 percent of all taxable real property in the county.


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