Happy Hanukkah! Candle With Care!

News release from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue

Hanukkah starts this evening and runs through December 10. It is a joyous time, so please ensure you and your loved ones stay safe as December is the peak time of year for home candle fires.

While the use of open-flame candles can add ambience to a holiday and provide “warmth” to a home, battery powered candles are a safer alternative and one our firefighters and paramedics highly recommend you use.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department would like to remind residents to avoid the dangers of fire while burning candles to please follow the safety tips listed below:

  • Never leave a lit menorah unattended.
  • Keep a lit menorah at least 12 inches away from things that can burn.
  • Do not place a menorah near or under flammable materials such as curtains, books or papers.
  • Do not burn candles near windows or doorways
  • Place menorah on a flat, sturdy non-combustible surface
  • Never leave candles burning when children or pets are present
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children – out of reach.