Herndon school wall turns into an underwater mural

mural photo

A cafeteria wall at Floris Elementary School in Herndon is coming to resemble a giant aquarium, thanks to the efforts of about 900 students as well as Floris PTA volunteers and school staff members.

From floor to ceiling a colorful array of seaweed, coral, fish and whales cover the cafeteria wall — all painted by the students. The viewer sees a sunken ship, then a treasure chest, and soon notices an obscure half-cat and half-mermaid fusion (AKA “purr-maid”) that students requested be included in the mural design.

“Everything takes practice” is the mantra students learned during their two-part yoga-art-mural workshop led by artist, and former Floris student, Sarah Jayne Bleiweis. The mural design on the
cafeteria wall was inspired by student drawings they did about the ocean habitat last week.

Bleiweis is facilitating the school ocean yoga-art workshops with the intention of teaching students the importance of having a “growth mind-set” when faced with challenges, and incorporating yoga breathing into the start of every class, so students can learn new methods for coping with stress.

Through the yoga-mural painting workshop, she hopes to inspire students to want to make a positive difference both in themselves and in their communities.


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