A rainy weekend looms as nor’easter approaches

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It’s Friday so of course it’s about to cloud up and rain. In fact, it’s a regular nor’easter coming our way, likely to arrive by Friday afternoon and bringing rain through Saturday, possibly clearing by Sunday.

Up to two inches of rain is likely in some areas, with windy conditions adding to the fun.

You can thank Hurricane Willa, a bad senora who ravaged the west coast of Mexico earlier this week before forming a caravan and aiming straight for the D.C. region.

The Fairfax County Emergency Information Center has not yet wound itself up over this storm but when it does, it will no doubt warn motorists not to drive into flooded areas (turn around, don’t drown), plan ahead, expect delays, etc.

After all, the Friday afternoon commute just wouldn’t be the same if all we had to worry about was excessive sunshine, right?

You can always find the complete weather forecast on our site.



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