Vienna plans a mural on local shopping center wall

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The Town of Vienna’s Public Art Commission has selected a Seattle illustrator with roots in Vienna and a Richmond muralist and painter to create a mural on the back of the Vienna Shopping Center. Eleanor Doughty and Emily Herr’s concept, “Vienna’s W&OD Trail: Highway of Community,” depicts landmarks along the trail throughout Town as well as in greater Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

Rappaport Properties, owner of the Vienna Shopping Center at 180 Maple Avenue W, is funding this public art project.

The artists, Doughty and Herr, first met in 2009 at Virginia Commonwealth University, where they were both fine arts students, and have collaborated on other mural projects.

“Having spent the first 18 years of my life in Vienna,” Doughty wrote in her proposal, “I grew up watching the Town change and stay the same…. The W&OD bike trail is central to my growing up here. My earliest memories involve sitting behind my dad in a bike seat as he cycled us around Northern Virginia on that path.”

Of the mural concept, she wrote: “The W&OD trail will serve as the visual anchor representing Vienna. Overall the mural will be a map of Vienna, illustrating several of its major landmarks as well as outlying points of interest…. The general theme is to illustrate joyful, casual recreation of individuals in downtown Vienna (small town) against the greater surroundings of Northern Virginia and Washington, DC (big community).”

Work on the mural is scheduled to begin sometime around mid-summer/early August and is expected to take about three weeks to complete.

James Madison High School art students will help create the design outline on the building, and other students will assist with color blocking.



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