Pay raises highlight Fairfax County Public Schools budget


A multi-year plan to boost to teacher salaries and a “step increase” for many employees top a $2.9 billion budget for the 2019 fiscal year that the Fairfax County School Board has adopted.

$53.1 million will be spent for the teacher raises and $43.9 million for the step increase.

Student enrollment for FY 2019 is projected to be 190,168.  FCPS anticipates an increase of 4,320 students will be eligible for free and reduced-price meals. That’s an increase of 8.3 percent and will cost more than $15,000 for each of those pupils.

In a news release Fairfax County School Board chair Janie Strauss said “Our commitment to provide competitive salaries for teachers was at the forefront of our budget request this year. … This year’s budget will enable us to offer more competitive salaries for our teachers while making it possible for us to retain and recruit the best possible teachers for our students.”

School Superintendent Scott S. Brabrand added, “This will go a long way to ensuring we have the best people in the classroom, preparing our students for success in school, postsecondary education, and the workplace.”

Reviewing race and income inequality

The School Board also directed the Superintendent to analyze the rates of suspension and rates of referral to the Hearings Office by school, as well as any discrepancy in rates by ethnic group, special education status, or other factors that may indicate disproportionality in discipline. Based on this analysis, the Superintendent will present his recommendations at a fall School Board work session regarding professional development and best practices to improve the school climate and the use of tiered interventions provided by school, regional, and centrally based resources, and possible staffing.

The Board further amended the main motion directing the Superintendent to work with the Office of Research and Strategic Improvement and the Chief Academic and Equity Officer to present a plan by January 2019 outlining steps to conduct an internal and external review of race and income disproportionality in discipline outcomes in FCPS. This plan will include a report to be submitted to the board by June 2019 and include recommended strategies and measurable outcome goals.



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