New homeless housing on the horizon for Bailey’s Crossroads

Ground has been broken for a new generation of homeless housing in the Bailey’s Crossroads area.

The new facility, scheduled to open late next year at 5914 Seminary Road, is designed to meet multiple needs at one location. It will provide both emergency shelter for single individuals who are homeless, as well as permanent housing units which will allow a home for people who have been homeless for a long time and who need services to help them to live independently.

Several features of the new facility include:

  • 52 emergency shelter beds to serve single adults, including four medical respite beds
  • Approximately 18 personal living quarters
  • Outdoor picnic and activity area
  • 24-hour staffing, including guidance and counseling
  • Hypothermia prevention program site, which operates from November through March, with a “no turn-away” policy during freezing temperatures.

In addition, the space will be flexible to accommodate changes in the numbers of homeless. It will allow for an increase in permanent supportive housing units as homeless numbers decrease in Fairfax C0unty.

“This brand new facility will be our first in a new generation of modern facilities,” said Dean Klein, director of the county’s Office to Prevent and End Homelessness. “We have some very old facilities with a lot of wear and tear that weren’t built to accommodate the new models for housing our homeless population. This new facility will have much better efficiencies of our resources and staff to provide the best care possible to this vulnerable community.”

Two-thirds of the residents at the current Bailey’s homeless facility are men. One-third are older than 50. Eleven percent are domestic violence victims. Eight percent are vets. Many have chronic health problems and disabilities. The average stay in the shelter is two months.

Work on the construction of the new facility is led by the Capital Projects team in the county’s Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. The scheduled timeline is:
  • Design: Fall 2016 – Fall 2017
  • Construction: Spring 2018 – Fall 2019
  • Shelter Opening: Late Fall 2019


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