I-95 express lane extension opens soon

The I-95 express lanes will grow two miles longer at the end of the October.

I-95 express lane extension

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The extension will carry the lanes past Garrisonville Road (Route 610). VDOT hopes that this extension will improve the current bottleneck where two lanes merge into one there.

To make things better, an additional lane will be added at the southernmost section of the I-95 express lanes for nearly one mile, where there is currently one lane. The new southbound lane will continue on for an additional mile past the Garrisonville Road exit. Drivers exiting to Garrisonville Road and drivers continuing to the end of the Express Lanes will each have their own dedicated travel lane. An improved left lane end point will bring drivers back into the southbound regular lanes just north of Courthouse Road (Route 630).

A new northbound left lane entry from the I-95 regular lanes will be located south of Garrisonville Road.

The southbound extension is scheduled to open the afternoon of October 31. The northbound extension is scheduled to open on November 1, as long as weather permits.

Rules of the road

The extension will be part of the 95 Express Lanes network, and will operate under the same rules – all drivers need an E-ZPass and drivers can travel toll-free with an E-ZPass Flex and three or more people in the car. Buses and motorcycles travel toll-free. The extension will operate under the same reversal schedule as the 95 Express Lanes.

Toll information

It will not cost more to enter or exit at the new extension location than it would to enter or exit at the current Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) entry/exit. The toll price for drivers who enter/exit at the new southern point will pay the same toll as the drivers who enter/exit at the Garrisonville Road point.

What’s next?

The Virginia Department of Transportation is studying a proposed extension to bring the Lanes south for an additional 10 miles to the U.S. 17 interchange. More information is available here (https://www.expresslanes.com/project-fredericksburg-extension)






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