Metro Police try to identify ‘upskirting’ suspect

upskirting suspect

Metro Transit Police detectives are seeking the public’s assistance to identify a person of interest in multiple incidents of voyeurism (upskirting) and at least one reported sexual abuse incident that occurred at Columbia Heights Metrorail Station on Wednesday evening.

Yesterday afternoon, an adult female contacted Transit Police via Metro’s online harassment reporting system. The victim reported that she was exiting Columbia Heights Station using the ascending escalator at approximately 7:40 p.m. Wednesday when she felt a hand up her skirt. The victim left the area, while the suspect returned into the station.

Detectives immediately contacted the victim to gather additional information and offer support.

Overnight, using information provided by the victim, investigators were able to find the incident on video and obtain images of the suspect. The review of video footage revealed that the suspect actually placed a cell phone up the victim’s skirt.

Disturbingly, the investigation has also revealed that there are several additional female victims who are likely unaware that they were “upskirted” by the suspect.

Following these developments, MTPD immediately added plain clothes officers at Columbia Heights and other stations to attempt to locate the suspect and the other victims. Those investigative efforts will continue while MTPD seeks public assistance.

MTPD detectives are seeking to identify the individual pictured above. Anyone who can identify this individual is urged to call the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at 301-955-5000 or send a text message to MyMTPD (696873).

Additionally, MTPD detectives are seeking to contact other potential victims who exited the Metrorail system at Columbia Heights Station on Wednesday evening. At this time, detectives believe the unsuspecting victims exited using the west escalators (the bank of three escalators and one staircase, located to the left when exiting the station). All victims were females and all were wearing skirts. Anyone who believes they may be a victim in this case should contact the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at 301-955-5000.

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