Sting by Fairfax cops traps stores selling booze to under-21s

An undercover operation by Fairfax County police has netted five stores that are charged with selling alcohol to minors.

Their customers, Tuesday evening, were actually Fairfax County police cadets who are younger than the legal drinking age of 21. According to police the cadets, all dressed in plainclothes, were told to try buy alcohol from ABC-licensed stores without showing identification. If an employee asked if they were 21 the cadets were told to provide their true age. But, if the cadets were able to buy alcohol a plainclothes police officer watching the transaction would charge the employee.

Ten stores were checked in this police sting operation. Employees at five of the stores were charged with violating Virginia Criminal Code section 4.1-304.

Here’s a list of the stores. Those with an asterisk indicate where an employee was charged.

  1. State ABC Store, 9421 Lorton Market St., Lorton
  2. 7-11, 9402 Richmond Hwy., Lorton
  3. Super Highs, 7712 Gunston Plaza, Lorton
  4. Food Lion, 7760 Gunston Plaza, Lorton *
  5. Rite Aid, 7764 Gunston Plaza, Lorton
  6. Wegmans, 7905 Hilltop Village Dr., Alexandria
  7. 7-11, 7724 Telegraph Road, Franconia *
  8. Giant, 7558 Telegraph Road, Alexandria *
  9. Shoppers Food, 7005 Manchester Blvd., Alexandria *
  10. Rite Aid, 7100 Silver Lake Blvd., Franconia *


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