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Virginia is  partnering with the nationally syndicated television show “Hiring America” — the only TV program devoted entirely to helping transitioning veterans prepare for and find good jobs in the civilian work force.  It’s part of the state’s “V3” program — Virginia Values Veterans.

“It’s a very good fit for us,” observed John L. Newby II, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.  “We’re very excited — and proud — to be the first state to partner with this unique TV series which gets to the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“V3  is designed to help every veteran find employment,” Newby said.  “And these aren’t just any jobs — but rather high-paying, technically oriented positions relevant to a new generation of veterans seeking career opportunities. “We have more than 700 corporate partners participating in V-3 — a superb medley of businesses and leaders. It enables us to offer a menu of services ranging from helping employers understand how to recruit, train and retain  veterans to assisting them in finding the right positions.”

Additional elements of the initiative includes “VTAP” — The Virginia Transitions Assistance Program — which allows transitioning military personnel from anywhere in the country to visit and meet with potential employers and helps them in relocation; and “MMAC” — the  Military Medics And Corpsmen Program — a first of its kind in the nation. MMAC is  designed  to employ former military medics and corpsmen in the healthcare sector, even if they do not have a civilian license or credential. This allows them to keep up their clinical skills, while figuring out the next steps in their education and career paths.

“Virginia=Veterans, “Veterans=Virginia”ssaid Governor Terry McAuliffe in describing V3. “We have the fastest growing veteran population in the country — and our mission is to be the best state in the nation for them.”


With an estimated  18,000 jobs open today in cybersecurity  in Northern Virginia alone — and nearly 800,000 veterans residing in the state — it’s no wonder USA Today ranked Virginia Beach as the  #1 city in America for veterans.  Alexandria and Arlington ranked #1 and #2 respectively for mid-sized localities.

“We are absolutely committed to this vital group,” said McAuliffe. “With a low unemployment rate — and all the elements of  the V3 Program — we have taken the lead in being the #1 state in the Nation for veterans.”



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