Laser light gets Centreville man in trouble

Laser pointer

A dangerous surprise for two Fairfax County police officers.

The officers answered a call around 2:00 am Tuesday for a report of a garage door that had been left partially open.  When the officers arrived at the house in the 12200 block of Water Elm Lane in Fair Oaks and waited outside to speak with someone a red laser light was pointed at them.  Not knowing where the light came from, both officers took cover.

The officers located the source of the light on a balcony in the 4400 block of Milroy Way, nearby.  They went to the apartment and identified the suspect, who was cooperative. Officers determined the device was a small laser pointer. Johnny A. Tela, 24, of Centreville, was issued a summons for pointing a laser at a law-enforcement officer.

Laser light can harm a person’s vision if pointed at the eyes.  It can be particularly dangerous when pointed at an aircraft and there are federal and state laws prohibiting point the light at a person.


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