Single tracking as SafeTrack Surge #9 starts next week

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Beginning Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, through Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, Metrorail’s Orange Line trains will continuously single track between Vienna  and West Falls Church Metrorail Stations during weekdays and complete station shut-downs will affect travelers during weekends.

Residents, visitors and others who travel via Metrorail and on any of the major corridors within Fairfax County including I-66, I-495, Dulles Toll Road, and I-95, will be impacted by the track work. To continue to reduce the potential for gridlock, Fairfax County is urging commuters to telework and use flexible work schedules whenever possible, and encouraging the use of alternate ways to commute that do not involve driving alone.

Weekday Metrorail service will operate as follows during SafeTrack Surge #9:

  • During rush hours, a shuttle train will operate between Vienna and West Falls Church every 24 minutes (regularly every 6 minutes). Transfer at the West Falls Church station to continue trip.
  • Normal service levels at other Orange Line stations.
  • After 10 p.m., trains will operate between Vienna and New Carrollton every 20 minutes.

On the weekends of Sept. 24-15 and Oct. 1-2:

  • Vienna, Dunn Loring and West Falls Church stations will be closed.

On the weekends of Oct. 8-9 and Oct. 15-16:

  • Vienna and Dunn Loring stations will be closed.

Trains to and from the Vienna Metrorail Station are likely to be extremely crowded, especially during rush-hour periods. Metro riders who have the ability to do so should consider alternate travel options and avoid traveling during rush hour if possible.

If You Must Travel, Know Your Options and Plan Now

To avoid gridlock, employers are strongly encouraged to allow telework and flexible schedules, whenever possible.

If you must travel, use of carpooling, slugging, biking and express bus connections is encouraged.


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