Gov. McAuliffe of VA to be Keynote at Technology Challenge to Help Loudoun County Public Schools

Gov. MCAuliffeGov. MCAuliffe

The Innovative Solutions Consortium (ISC) will be hosting a technology challenge event for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) on Oct 22 with Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Dr. David A. Bray, 2015 Eisenhower Fellow and Chief Information Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, as keynote speakers, along with notable VIPs from government, academia, and industry. This event is designed to help LCPS solve some of its toughest issues by using Global Open Innovation and inviting everyone around the globe to submit solutions to these problems, including middle and high school students. These issues identified by LCPS are not unique to Loudoun County. School districts across the nation are facing these same challenges, and LCPS is hoping to implement these solutions in pilot programs to pave the way for the other school districts. Gov. McAuliffe said,

“Innovation is the key to preparing our schools and students to succeed in the new Virginia economy. Our Administration has made building a 21st century education and workforce development system a top priority from day one. I am excited to see how these students perform when their creativity is unleashed to develop individualized, real-world solutions that will benefit them and their schools. I encourage the students and members of the public to think outside the box and develop new approaches to data analysis, social media and instructional methods. This technology challenge will empower students like never before and give them an important step in pursuit of wonderful and successful careers.”

THE CHALLENGE: LCPS is trying to find solutions to a myriad of problems ranging from tracking students while in the care of the schools, to using social media for longitudinal studies to see how graduates are performing in college and the workforce, to changing curriculum, classroom structure, and teaching methods to better prepare students for the 21st Century workforce. It is possible that a student attending LCPS may come up with a completely new and novel way to help his/her fellow classmates be safer while attending classes. Michelle Chance, ISC Director of Operations, said, “You never know who’s going to come up with the next great idea, so why should we limit this to just businesses? Kids see the world in a different way than adults, and it is in that diversity that they will attack these problems with their own unique perspectives.”

HOW IT WORKS: The ISC works closely with LCPS officials to determine the school system’s hardest-to-solve problems. The issues are presented to the public in a global search to bring forward the most innovative and disruptive technologies and ideas, and foster an environment to allow people to collaborate to create end-to-end solutions. At the event, in front of a panel of judges and approximately 1000 audience members, those selected as the Top 10 Industry solutions and the Top 10 Student solutions will demonstrate and explain how their concept will help improve LCPS. Awards will be given to the Most Innovative and the Most Disruptive solutions presented, plus students will receive Future Innovators awards in recognition of their ideas and opportunities for internships in their areas of interest will also be available.

If you have an innovative technology or a creative solution that can be used to help LCPS, we encourage you to apply. Applications from Industry will continue to be accepted until Aug 21, and Student Applications will be accepted until Sept 18. To see a complete list of the challenge areas and to submit your solution, go to:

To learn more about this event and all of the challenge areas that will be presented, see a complete list of judges and VIPs, and to Register to attend, go to:

The ISC is supported by the following Community Partners:

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun County Department of Economic Development, Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, George Mason University’s Mason Enterprise Center, Old Dominion University’s Enterprise Center for Innovation

For more information participating in this challenge or sponsoring these exciting endeavors, please visit the ISC website.

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