Manassas man sentenced in Pentagon bribery scheme

James Glenn Warner, 44, of Manassas, was sentenced Friday to 42 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for soliciting a $500,000 bribe from executives working for a private company on a contract that Warner managed out of the Pentagon. Warner was also ordered to pay $50,000 in forfeiture.

According to court documents, in October 2014, Warner made arrangements to meet with two executives of “Company A,” a Virginia-based company which held a five-year contract with the Department of the Army worth up to $120 million. At the meeting, which took place at a restaurant located in the Pentagon Centre in Arlington, Warner instructed the two executives to communicate with him by typing messages into his cell phone, which was passed around the table.

Warner then passed a menu to the two executives. Inside the plastic covering for the center section of the menu was a piece of paper which outlined a bribe and extortion solicitation, suggesting that if Company A paid $500,000 it would secure a contract renewal from the Department of the Army and that alleged damaging information about Company A would be destroyed.

The Company A executives declined Warner’s solicitation, reported the conduct and began cooperating with law enforcement agents. Acting at the direction of law enforcement, a Company A executive then met with Warner on five subsequent occasions, paying Warner a total of $150,000 cash bribes out of the total $500,000 solicited by Warner. On Jan. 28, 2015, at the last of these meetings, Warner was arrested while in possession of $100,000 in bribe payments.



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