Fairfax County Board raises property taxes … again

Pat Herrity

Pat Herrity

Today, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted 7 to 3 to raise taxes on Fairfax County homeowners. This year’s $185 dollar property tax rate increase on the average homeowner results in a 16% tax increase over the last 3 years.

Supervisor Pat Herrity (R–Springfield) again voted against the rate after recommending ways spending could be reduced at the board’s budget markup session. Supervisors Michael Frey (R – Sully) and Linda Smyth (D – Providence) also voted against the budget.

“I am disappointed that not only did the Board raise our citizens’ taxes yet again, but the Board majority failed to even make the easy decisions to even discuss reducing spending to address the $100M shortfall we are facing in FY 2017. Under this Board’s watch our homeowners have seen their tax bills go up by 16% in three years, our commercial vacancy rate has spiked to over 16%, and we could not agree to even meet to consider options to address next years projected $100M shortfall, but the Board thought they deserved a pay raise for themselves,” Herrity said.

“As economic growth has stalled in the region and we are losing good paying jobs for lower paying ones, our taxpayers are having to make difficult choices – cutting spending to meet increased costs in the face of steady or shrinking incomes – our government should be doing the same. It is truly a shame that yet again we are balancing our budget primarily on the backs of our residents, but this problem didn’t emerge overnight. The Board has failed to make the tough decisions needed, and instead has misplaced priorities,” he said.



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