Moran, Wolf prod Senate on back-pay bill for federal workers

closed-signCongressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, and Congressman Frank Wolf, Northern Virginia Republican, implored Senate Majority Leader Reid and Minority Leader McConnell in a letter Friday to work with their respective caucuses to lift a reported “hold” which has been placed on consideration of the “Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act” (H.R. 3223).

The legislation, sponsored by Moran and Wolf, provides all federal employees their pay lost due to the shutdown. It was approved by the House last weekend unanimously (407-0).

“Every 24 hours, this shutdown is siphoning nearly $160 million from our economy and costs taxpayers $300 million in lost productivity. But its personal impact on our federal employees is even greater.  These workers, many of whom received their last paychecks for the indefinite future today, are feeling the strain on their family budgets as they struggle to pay their mortgages, school loans, car payments and keep food on the table,” said Rep. Moran.

“We call on Senate leadership to alleviate some of the strain on our federal workforce, by taking action necessary to get this hold lifted and bill advanced for consideration.” 

“Federal employees have already shouldered a great deal of the burden of past deficit reduction measures. This bipartisan legislation reaffirms our commitment to our federal workforce and their families to ensure they can pay their mortgages and utilities and fill their cars up with gas.


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