Letter to the Editor: Mary Daniel is bad for business

Mary Daniel, Candidate for Delegate, 33rd District (Facebook photo)

Mary Daniel, Candidate for Delegate, 33rd District (Facebook photo)

Mary Daniel is bad for business.

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that traffic and high taxes are bad for business.  I want to work closer to home and in order to do that Virginia needs to get businesses to move here or start here.

As we have seen with the current Democratic administration for nearly six years, raising taxes and imposing national health care does not stimulate our national economy or encourage people to start or move businesses to Virginia.  Having lower taxes does.

If you like having more family time, better schools, working near where you live and less traffic, while being good stewards of the environment, you need businesses to start or move to the suburbs or rural areas.

Mary Daniel, who claims to be a “moderate” Democrat lawyer and running in a heavily Republican district, does not seem to have any plans to encourage businesses to come here or much else – besides growing the government and associating with environmental activists, unions and others that will deter businesses from coming here.

Need proof of how high taxes scare away businesses? Just look at the number of businesses running out of Maryland, California and Illinois to states like Texas that tout pro-growth and low-tax policies.

Virginia cannot afford any more taxes.  After Dave LaRock exposed Joe May’s consistent voting record to increase taxes, the people of the 33rd district ran from him.

You need to get the facts on Dave LaRock. He and his family settled in Loudoun County 26 years ago.  He is a  successful business man, who will make wise spending decisions for our commonwealth.

Dave knows that smart people, who care about their families, live in Virginia.

Dave believes in job creation by getting government out of the way and letting businesses flourish.

He will listen to you and I, not the bureaucrats trying to protect their jobs.  He doesn’t want this job for the money, but to protect his children and their children’s children.

He has a long term goal of not burdening future generations with unsustainable spending obligations.  Dave LaRock is real clear on the issues.  See for yourself at http://www.votelarock.us.

David Siecker (not working for campaign)
Purcellville, VA


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