Crackdown Underway on Commuter Lot Parking Violators

Virginia State Police and Prince William County Police have initiated an aggressive campaign targeting parking violators at the Dumfries Road commuter parking lot. The enforcement effort is in response to recent complaints of vehicles blocking travel lanes and pedestrian crosswalks.

The illegally parked vehicles create hazards for pedestrians and other motorists traveling through the Dumfries Road (Route 234) lot located near the intersection of Route 1 in Prince William County.

“If you park illegally, you can expect to receive a summons,” said F/Sgt. P.A. Savel, Prince William County Area Commander. “The illegally parked vehicles dangerously impede the flow of traffic and can obstruct a driver’s view which creates a safety concern for everyone who uses the commuter lot. This is not the first time police have had to initiate an enforcement campaign to gain drivers’ compliance with posted parking rules and regulations.”

For the last two weeks and in advance of the campaign, Virginia State Police have been notifying drivers of the upcoming enforcement effort. Those vehicles not in compliance have received warnings in the form of a flyer left on the windshield.

Scofflaws abound

Numerous vehicles park illegally each day in the Dumfries Road commuter lot, which holds a capacity of more than 800 vehicles. In certain instances, the vehicles are parking in one of the two travel lanes. In the event of a medical emergency, illegally parked vehicles could restrict emergency vehicle access.

Illegally parked vehicles are defined as the following:

  • Vehicles parked in areas posted or marked with “No Parking” signage.
  • Vehicles parked illegally in a travel lane that obstructs traffic. These vehicles will be ticketed and towed from the lot at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Vehicles found illegally parked pursuant to Code of Virginia 46.2-1219.2 will receive a notice on the vehicle and a parking ticket will be issued and mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.