Student Publications Earn Top Marks

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) student publications earned high marks from the Virginia High School League’s (VHSL) publications evaluation services. Publications evaluated were from the 2011-12 school year.

Trophy Class

Earning top marks in the Trophy Class were (adviser’s names are in parentheses):

  • Magazine Division: Matrix, Fairfax High School (Bryan Pahl), and Opus, Oakton High School (Susan Sullivan).
  • Newspaper Division: The A-Blast, Annandale High School (Alan Weintraut); The Purple Tide, Chantilly High School (Bretton Zinger); Rank and File, Marshall High School (Daniel Reinish); tjToday, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), (Jennifer Seavey); The Oracle, West Springfield High School (Brooke Nelson); and The Watchdog, Westfield High School (Anthony Whitten).
  • Yearbook Division: Odyssey, Chantilly High School (Mary Kay Downes); Harvester, Hayfield Secondary School (Theresa Poquis); Columbian, Marshall High School (Daniel Reinish); The Clan, McLean High School (Meghan Percival); Paragon, Oakton High School (Lauren Luna); Techniques, TJHSST (Erinn Harris); and The Guardian, Westfield High School (Anthony Whitten).

 First Place

The following publications earned first place recognition:

  • Magazine Division: The Filament, Annandale High School (Kathleen Dion); Andromeda, Chantilly High School (Bretton Zinger); Tartan, McLean High School (Kenneth George); Carousel, Robinson Secondary School (Lindsay O’Connell); Portfolio, South Lakes High School (Suzanne Abdelrazaq); Calliope, Westfield High School (Todd Kelly); and Page, Woodson High School (Drew Marvin and Ron Shapiro).
  • Newsmagazine Division: The Highlander, McLean High School (Lindsay Benedict), and Oakton Outlook, Oakton High School (Lauren Luna).
  • Newspaper Division: The Hawk Talk, Madison High School (Clare Gartlan); The Courier, South County High School (Carol Floto); and Cavalcade, Woodson High School (Andrew Springer).
  • Yearbook Division: Antenna, Annandale High School (Julia Hanneman); The Legend, Centreville High School (Melissa Rife); The Lair, Lake Braddock Secondary School (Kathryn Helmke); Shire, Langley High School (Kelly Mulligan); Montpelier, Madison High School (Francesca Branson); Above and Beyond, Robinson Secondary School (Pat Hinman); Lock and Key, South County High School (Leana Jensen); Freebird, South Lakes High School (Suzanne Abdelrazaq); Predator, West Potomac High School (Melanie Mobley); and The Cavalier, Woodson High School (Katherine Sebunia).

Second place 

Second place recognition went to:

  • Magazine Division: Scribe, Herndon High (Erin Zimmer), and The Symposium, West Springfield High School (Brooke Nelson, Katie Norton).
  • Newsmagazine Division: Rebel Roar, Fairfax High School (Carl Irvin).
  • Newspaper Division: The Bear Facts, Lake Braddock Secondary School (Kathryn Helmke), and The South Lakes Sentinel, South Lakes High School (Phil Dignan).
  • Yearbook Division: The Hornet, Herndon High School (Lauren Eckert) and The Olympian, West Springfield High School (Brooke Nelson).