‘Sharrows’ Remind Motorists to Share the Road With Bikers

Bicycling is both transportation and recreation, and the city aims to get bikers to city trails and on-road bike network.

The city, George Mason University and Fairfax County created the Mason-to-Metro Initiative, with recommendations to improve sign system and map, on-road bicycle facilities and trails.

This fall, the city plans to install shared-use lane markings on sections of Old Lee Highway. These markings, “sharrows,” are two chevrons pointing forward with a bicycle symbol below. Sharrows are used to indicate to cyclists where they should ride in the road. Sharrows also alert motorists to expect bicyclists to share the road.

The city also plans to install signs on Old Lee Highway reinforcing the message to share the road.

Sharrows currently mark the bike lanes on George Mason Boulevard and University Drive between the university and Old Town Fairfax.

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road.

(Photo: Frank Linton)