Kaine Unveils Spanish-Language Ad

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine today unveiled his first Spanish-language television and radio advertisements, hoping to appeal to Virginia’s Hispanic and Latino voters.  Republican George Allen’s campaign said Kaine was “story-telling for the votes of a Latino community disproportionately hit hard by the failed economic policies he championed.”

The ad entitled “Valores” (“Values”) features Tim Kaine speaking in Spanish. He recalls his experiences as a missionary in Latin America and highlights his efforts as governor to invest in education and support Virginia’s small and minority-owned businesses. In the ad, Kaine tells voters that “as your Senator, I will continue to invest in education and support immigration reform.”

“My campaign for Senate has been about bringing people together to help solve our economic challenges,” said Kaine. “I hope to engage all Virginians to get involved in our campaign because I understand the value in a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and skills. It has been a privilege to work with Virginia’s Latino community as governor and mayor to improve educational opportunities and support our small businesses. If elected to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate, these are the values I will take with me to Washington.”

“Tim Kaine is story-telling for the votes of a Latino community disproportionately hit hard by the failed economic policies he championed. Hispanics have struggled to find work and now over two million more live in poverty under the Obama/Kaine tax and regulate agenda,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for the George Allen campaign. “While Virginia lost over 100,000 jobs, Tim Kaine diminished education by making ‘significant cuts’ to higher education that led to over a 30 percent increase in tuition. With a record of 300,000 jobs added, George Allen invested in K-12 and higher education, helping make college more affordable by freezing tuition and starting savings plans. Latino Americans deserve the opportunity to learn and find a job in an economy free from Tim Kaine’s threats of higher taxes and more regulations.”

The thirty-second television ad and sixty-second radio ad will air in major media markets across Virginia and represent the beginning of a sustained Spanish-language media buy that will continue through Election Day. Kaine has also engaged Virginia Latinos through a comprehensive Spanish language website (www.kaineforva.com/es), a consistent presence in Spanish-language media, and numerous events with Latino business and community leaders. In January 2012, more than 100 Virginians launched Latinos for Kaine to share Kaine’s record and values with their friends and neighbors.


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