Animal Shelter Volunteers, Programs Honored

Animal Shelter Volunteer Theresa Baker and friend

Volunteers at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter received accolades from Volunteer Fairfax for two programs that have had a positive effect on the community since the programs’ inception. Volunteer Theresa Baker received the Adult Volunteer (Over 250 Hours) and the animal shelter won the Fairfax County Volunteer Program award.

The awards were presented at the 20th Anniversary Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards held recently at the Waterford in Springfield.

Baker honored

Theresa Baker has dedicated her volunteer hours to fostering more than a dozen pit bull puppies for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. She mentors the puppies in her home to be ambassadors of the breed, providing the training and enrichment they need to be successful in their adoptive homes.

Baker has participated in more than 40 pit bull home visits for adoptions since 2009 and has been a champion for the program.

Foster program

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter was also recognized for its volunteer-based foster program. More than 80 volunteers provide temporary in-home foster care for orphaned, sick or injured animals raising them and nursing them to health so they can be placed in adoptive homes.

Last year, 410 animals were placed into foster care, a program that would not exist without dedicated shelter volunteers. Volunteer Service Coordinators Kat Cornell and Rebecca Jewell received the award on behalf of the shelter’s volunteer fosters.

In addition, Rebecca Barthel was nominated in the Fairfax County Volunteer category for her assistance of the outreach and front office staff, and Ray Hole was nominated in the category of Rising Star for his work mentoring new volunteers and walking and training dogs. Mary O’Malley and Jami Ojala were nominated for their service of more than 250 hours to the shelter in 2011.