County Schools Win At Virginia DECA State Leadership Conference

Students from 17 Fairfax County high schools were recognized as state winners at the Virginia DECA State Leadership Conference. These 264 students are now eligible to attend the DECA International Career Development Conference, scheduled for April 28-May 2 in Salt Lake City.

The county had 32 overall first place winners and two students who received scholarships. A total of 43 percent of the conference winners were CountyS students.

First place winners 

Chantilly High School: Elizabeth George, Business Services Marketing Series.

Fairfax High School: Samuel Weaver, Automotive Services Series;  and Peter Lam and Kim Rowland, Creative Marketing Project.

Lake Braddock Secondary School: Alec Johnson, Job Interview; Ryan Charchian, Claire Kingdale, and Kelly Plesco, Buying and Merchandising Research; and Karan Baboota and Ashley Baboota, Hospitality Services Team.

Langley High School: Meredith Meeks, Apparel and Accessories Marketing; Alicia Underhill, Marketing Management Series; Aimee Cho, Quick Service Restaurant; and Grace MacDougall, Principals of Hospitality.

Madison High School: Henry Lewis, Nathan Mancini, and Daniel Schwab, Financial Literacy Promotion Project; Brendan Karp, Professional Selling; and Mason Gardner and Ransom Holliday, Business Law and Ethics Team.

Marshall High School: Becky Felter, Claire Fogarty, and Bailey Jarriel, Public Relations Project; Haley Butterfield, Jeta Krasniqi, and Omar Yousef, International Business Plan; Maggie MacDonnell and Becca Toser, Advertising Campaign; Jessica Gentile, Aleena Gharib, and Nick Nelson, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; Cindy Pham and Jessica Taylor, Buying and Merchandising Team; and Emma Heiden, Food Marketing Series.

McLean High School: Karna Malaviya and Zachary Spahr, Financial Team; John Heberton, Gabe Levine, and Cole Oldenburg, Learn and Earn Project; and Chris Dozier, Principles of Finance.

Oakton High School: Allisa Delgado, Colleen Gleason, and Emily Richey, Sports and Entertainment Promotion Project.

Robinson Secondary School: Hayley Aguayo and Teresa Tedrick, Business Services Operations Research; Jana Abutayeh and Ana Guled, Financial Literacy Promotion Project; Emmanuel Roque, Principles of Business Management; and Jocelyn Gilbert and Patrice Pannell, Entrepreneurship Written.

South County Secondary School: Jonathan Dupont and Stephanie Lauria, Sports and Entertainment Team; Alex Avis, Sports and Entertainment Research; and Kelsey Cummings, Entrepreneurship Participating—Franchise.

West Potomac High School: Zachary Cohen, Restaurant and Food Service;

West Springfield High School: Kyler Moore, Selling.

A complete list of county winners from the Virginia DECA State Leadership Conference is available here.

Two state officers were elected from Fairfax High School: Alicia Campos was chosen to serve as secretary, and Allie Lerner was chosen as region 2 vice president.