County Recruiting Auxiliary Police Officers

Have you ever wanted to be more involved in law enforcement and public safety? Are you looking for meaningful, challenging work and having a role in keeping Fairfax County safe? If so, consider applying for the Fairfax County Police Department’s (FCPD) Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) program.

An all-volunteer civilian force made up of 108 men and women, APO’s play a vital role in supplementing the sworn personnel in essential public safety operations. They perform duties including staffing sobriety checkpoints, protecting the integrity of crime scenes and may be deployed to natural or man-made disasters at any time.

Diverse backgrounds 

APO’s come from a variety of backgrounds that enhances the FCPD with their unique sets of knowledge, skills and abilities. Currently, there are doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and reserve and retired military officers in the rich mix of APOs.

A blend of retirees and employed, the APOs are individuals who like to learn and have the time to commit. Once they pass a rigorous background check, they are required to undergo trainings at the Criminal Justice Academy in Chantilly two evenings a week and a few Saturdays a month during 16-week academy slated to begin in January 2013.


  • Applicant must be:
  • American Citizen
  • In good health
  • Pass Background Investigation

Ø  Polygraph examination

Ø  Good finances

Ø  Good driving record

Ø  Evaluation of previous drug usage

Ø  Good citizen and character

  • No Conflict of Interest

Ø  Applicants must not be employed in positions representing a potential conflict of interest, which include.

•    Police officers

•    Security guards

•    Military police officers

•    Civilians in law enforcement positions

•    Firemen

The FCPD is now accepting applications. To learn more about the APO program or request an application, call 703-280-0576 or email