UPDATE: Police Charge Three in Reston Shooting

grphicPolice in the Reston District have charged three men in connection with the December 12, 2011, shooting death of Colvin Morris, 34, of 7967 Richmond Highway.

Jose Santos Ponce Zuniga, 31, has been charged with murder. Amilcar Noel Urbina Zelaya, 29, and Saul Pacheco Mejia, 45 were both charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. All three are believed to have fled the country.

Jose Santos Ponce Zuniga

Amilcar Noel Urbina Zelaya

Saul Pacheco Mejia

The shooting occurred in the 1500 block of Cameron Crescent Drive. Police are unsure of the exact nature of the relationship among the suspects and the victim and are continuing their investigation.