County Parks Top 23,000 Acre Mark

Land acquisition was a key factor for the Fairfax County Park Authority this year.  The Park Authority is the largest landholder in Northern Virginia, managing 23,168 acres of parkland, woodlands and open space. Land acquisition is accomplished through park bonds, donations, land transfers and proffers.

The Park Authority worked closely with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to complete the transfer of numerous properties throughout Fairfax County in 2011. Included in this significant transfer of land were properties at existing parks as well as land that increased the size of several existing parks and stream valleys.

Parcels include:

  • a13-acre Lake Braddock Park, a 10.5 acre,
  • a 3.4 acre addition to Greenway Heights,
  • a 24.4 acre addition to Spring Hill,
  • transfer of the 60-acre Baron Cameron Park,
  • the addition of five parcels, totaling nearly 25 acres to Accotink Stream Valley,
  • the addition of approximately 76 acres to Huntley Meadows Park,
  • a 13-acre addition to Backlick Stream Valley, the addition of over half an acre to Scotts Run Stream Valley,
  •  transfer of the 32-acre Lincoln Lewis Vannoy Park,
  • the 13-acre Fairfax Park, as well as
  • the addition of 2.5 acres to Historic Centreville Park.

Other acquisitions and dedications completed in 2011 include Arrowbrook Wetlands Park, a 10- acre park that consists of a pond, wetlands area, trails, and an elevated wooden walkway and gazebo that extends over the pond, the Enyedi property which is a 1.5 acre addition to Old Colchester Park and Preserve, and Mount Eagle Park, a 12-acre park located in the Mount Vernon District.

Public agencies own approximately 39,000 acres of the 252,800 acres which comprise Fairfax County or approximately 15.3% of the total land area. The Fairfax County Park Authority owns approximately 60% of this total, or over 9% of the total land area.