Vienna Police May Have Your Stolen Bike

Has your bicycle been stolen? Maybe it has also been recovered!

The Town of Vienna Police Department is in possession of a slew of recovered yet unclaimed bicycles. The abandoned bikes were  typically found  by a citizen, recovered by an officer and then stored at Vienna Police Headquarters.

Very often bikes are stolen and the owners or complainants do not know the serial number of the bicycle or it has not been registered with a local police department so it cannot be entered into a recovery database.

At some point many of these same bikes are recovered but officers have no means of tracking down the owners. In these cases the bike is placed into storage pending retrieval by an owner.

If you have proof of ownership and would like to check and see if your lost or stolen bike has been recovered, contact Vienna Police Property Officer John Barker at or 703-255-6377.

A bicycles can only be released once it has been determined that an individual is the rightful owner. Anyone without any confirming documentation or substantial verifying information will not be allowed to take possession of a stored bicycle.