Vienna Elementary Students Participate In History Through Art Program

Fourth-grade students at Vienna Elementary School will get a chance to meet Artist Peter Waddell, whose paintings depict America’s history and architecture, as part of History Through Art — a program of the White House Historical Association — this Friday, September.

The meeting with is designed to help prepare students in Jeanne Foster’s and Vicky Hodges’ classes for their field trip to Presidents Park-White House Visitors Center scheduled for the following Friday — October 7. An educator from the White House Historical Association and a park ranger from the National Park Service will also talk to the students about their upcoming trip.

This Friday’s session will provide students with information on the exhibit, including research that went into the paintings and instruction in basic drawing techniques. Waddell’s work covers a time period from 1796 to 1902 and captures different moments in presidential life at the White House.

By meeting with the artist in advance, students will be able to understand some of the functions of the White House and see how they have changed over time when they visit the visitors center.

The trip supports Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) social studies and visual arts standards.