Police Warn of Sinkholes and Road Damage

photoSeveral roads in Fairfax County remain closed due to torrential rain and flood damage. Sinkholes, road cave-ins, and bridge damage present a continued danger to pedestrians and drivers and police have cordoned off these areas with flares, cones and police tape. It is not safe to play near or travel through these areas.

The road and surrounding area may look stable but the ground and supporting material could give way at any time. Anyone caught beyond the police barriers could be charged with playing on streets and highways or with crossing police lines, perimeters or barriers. These are misdemeanor charges that carry fines of not more than $250 or $500.

The following areas are affected by sinkholes:

  • Cameo Square in Springfield (near Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road)
  • 8700 block of Birch Cliff Drive (near Sandy Run Regional Park)

The following areas are affected by road damage:

  • 9100 block of Ridgely Road in Lorton (between Ox Road and Hooes Road)
  • Sunrise Valley Drive near Glade Drive in Reston
  • Beach Mill Road between Goldsmith Lane and Olympia Way in Great Falls


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Truman Lewis
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