Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Endorses Bulova for Re-Election


Sharon Bulova

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova for re-election.  Bulova, a Democrat with a long record of service, faces only token opposition from Republican newcomer Michael “Spike” Williams.

The announcement by NOVABizPAC, the Chamber’s political action committee, had beenwidely anticipate following last week’s debate between Bulova and Williams.

NOVABizPAC said made its endorsements following an exhaustive research and interview process, during which the records, positions and statements of the candidates were evaluated based on the Chamber’s published legislative agenda.

Other endorsements:

Board of Supervisors

  • Chairman Sharon Bulova
  • Supervisor John Cook
  • Supervisor John Foust
  • Supervisor Michael Frey
  • Supervisor Penny Gross
  • Supervisor Pat Herrity
  • Supervisor Jeff McKay
  • Supervisor Linda Smyth

House of Delegates

  • Speaker William Howell
  • Delegate Dave Albo
  • Delegate David Bulova
  • Delegate Barbara Comstock
  • Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn
  • Delegate Tim Hugo
  • Delegate Mark Keam
  • Delegate Jim LeMunyon
  • Delegate Joe May
  • Delegate Ken Plum
  • Delegate Tom Rust
  • Delegate Jim Scott
  • Delegate Mark Sickles
  • Delegate Vivian Watts

State Senate

  • Senator Dick Saslaw
  • Senator Mark Herring
  • Senator Janet Howell
  • Candidate Jason Flanary
  • Candidate Caren Merrick


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Truman Lewis
A former reporter and bureau chief, Truman Lewis has covered presidential campaigns, state politics and stories ranging from organized crime to environmental and consumer protection.