Funding for Centralized Textbook Fund, FY 2013 Reserve Approved

The Fairfax County School Board has voted to set aside $4.4 million in a centralized textbook fund.

In addition, a balance of $50.1 million from the FY 2011 school operating fund is being allocated for the beginning balance for the FY 2013 budget cycle.

The $4.4 million will go toward the purchase of a textbook license for online social studies textbooks for middle and high schools.  Beginning with FY 2012, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is centralizing textbook purchasing.

The per-pupil textbook funding allocated to each middle and high school will be reduced by $10 over the next six years to cover the cost of the licenses.

Other actions

The School Board created a placeholder for future School Board-directed management audit activities and scheduled a discussion for the October 17 work session to define the specifics of the management audit.

The Board also approved moving the Office of Internal Audit and all positions assigned to that office to the School Board Office.

In addition, the Board approved placeholder funding to provide academic support to students who are serving out of school suspensions.

FCPS realized savings in FY 2011 as a result of greater vacancy and turnover and continued efforts to conserve resources and achieve efficiencies.