Fairfax County EDA Claims 800 New Jobs in 2nd Quarter

logoDuring the second quarter of 2011, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) provided services and resources to 31 businesses that created or will create 783 jobs in Fairfax County. Most of these businesses are in the information technology and professional services sectors, and eight are foreign-owned firms using a Fairfax County location to expand in the U.S. market.  

Among the businesses that are creating jobs in Fairfax County:

  • Invertix Corporation, which handles communications engineering issues, is expanding by 106 jobs;
  • Safety Technologies, Inc., which is developing products to prevent fuel storage tank explosions and fires, is creating 15 jobs at its Fairfax headquarters and 46 manufacturing jobs in Lunenburg County, about 174 miles south of Fairfax County;
  • Securitas, a Swedish security company specialized in mobile security and investigation services, is creating 35 jobs; and,
  • TCAssociates, Inc., a technology and administrative services company,  is growing by 100 jobs.

“Fairfax County has long been an outstanding location for Invertix and it is a privilege for us to be here,” said Invertix President and CEO Art Hurtado.”With access to the key players in our government along with a highly educated and well-qualified workforce, our company has thrived in no small part due to being headquartered in McLean. Invertix is proud to call Fairfax County home and our relationship with the FCEDA is a prime example of how a company can benefit from a strong advocate for the community.”

“The Fairfax County economy has remained stable, even in these challenging times, due to its diversification over time. The growth of the recent quarter adds to that stability as well as creating jobs and enhancing the tax base,” said Gerald L. Gordon, Ph.D., president and CEO of the FCEDA.

Below are companies that worked with the FCEDA in April, May and June of 2011 and are creating 783 jobs in Fairfax County:

Fairfax County EDA works with 31 businesses adding 783 jobs to the local economy

Company Web site Postal Address Jobs New or Expansion
Active Edge Techs, LLC www.activeedgetechs.net Reston 10 E
American Technology Services, Inc. www.networkATS.com Merrifield 9 E
ASCOM (Switzerland) www.ascom.com Reston 20 E
Bode Technology www.bodetech.com Lorton 26 E
Carr Workplaces www.carrworkplaces.com Tysons Corner 5 E
Enexdi, LLC www.enexdi.com Tysons Corner 2 E
Fibertek Incorporated www.fibertek.com Herndon 16 E
First Virginia Community Bank www.firstvirginiacommunitybank.com Fairfax 15 E
Gilfus Education Group, LLC www.gilfuseducationgroup.com Reston 30 N
Hinge www.hingemarketing.com Reston 4 E
Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd. (China) Reston 15 N
iFanXP www.ifanxp.com Reston 6 N
immixGroup, Inc. www.immixgroup.com Tysons Corner 37 E
Information Experts, Inc. www.informationexperts.com Reston 10 E
Invertix Corporation www.invertix.com Tysons Corner 106 E
Javlin Data Solutions (Czech Republic) www.javlininc.com Tysons Corner 8 E
ManTech International Corporation www.mantech.com Fairfax 64 E
Netbiscuits, GmbH (Germany) www.netbiscuits.com Reston 25 E
NeoSystems Corporation www.neosystems-usa.com Tysons Corner 37 E
Perfect Sense Digital, LLC www.perfectsensedigital.com Reston 30 E
RaySat (Israel) www.raysat.com Tysons Corner 13 E
River Star Strategic & Financial Professional Group www.riverstarpro.com Fairfax 7 N
Rhythmic Technologies www.rhythmictech.com Herndon 1 E
Salient Federal Solutions www.salientfed.com Fairfax 125 N
Safety Technologies, Inc. www.safetydss.com Fairfax 15 E
Search Technologies www.searchtechnologies.com Herndon 4 E
Securitas (Sweden) www.securitas.com Annandale 35 E
TCAssociates, Inc. www.tcassociates.com Springfield/ Franconia 100 E
TrafficLand www.trafficland.com Fairfax 3 E
Witt Mares, PLC www.wittmares.com Fairfax 4 N
Won ST US (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 N

Time magazine called Fairfax County, “one of the great economic success stories of our time.” Business growth helps Fairfax County fund the nation’s top-rated school system and other public services that contribute to the quality of life of residents. Fairfax County offers businesses a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, access to global markets through Washington Dulles International Airport and a well-educated workforce.


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