Library Board of Trustees Honors Volunteers

The Fairfax County Public Library Board of Trustees recently honored 30 volunteers and one community partner at a special awards ceremony at Kings Park Library.

Three volunteer categories earning special recognition include volunteers who have reached service milestones, volunteers who have provided exceptional service by spearheading outstanding projects and community service partners.

Individual and corporate volunteers donated almost 155,000 hours of work for the library in fiscal year 2010 and made a significant impact in the ability of the library to serve the community.

Volunteers check in books, providing tutoring, conduct programs, keep books in order with the “adopt-a-shelf” project, provide landscaping and contribute to many other valuable projects.

“Although we can measure the value of our volunteers by the number of hours they contribute each year, much of their contribution to the library is intangible,” said Library Director Edwin S. Clay III. “They boost our morale. They serve as ambassadors in our neighborhoods. They are definitely everyday heroes.”

The Honorees:

Community service partner

  • IMC, Inc.

Fairfax Library Foundation

  • Sally Merten: Exceptional Service

Library Administration

  • Margaret Merriman: Exceptional Service

Access Services

  • Robert Harsher: Exceptional Service

Burke Centre Library

  • Andrea Fabian: Exceptional Service

City of Fairfax Regional Library

  • Jennifer Inskeep: Exceptional Service
  • Rabiah Al Nur: 1,000 Hours
  • Pamela Lloyd: 1,000 Hours

George Mason Regional Library

  • Johan Glembocki: Exceptional Service
  • Jean Burris: 1,000 Hours
  • Jim Varner: 1,000 Hours

Kingstowne Library

  • Fran DeNinno: Exceptional Service

Oakton Library

  • Carol Cuddihy: Exceptional Service
  • Pauline Reid: Exceptional Service

Patrick Henry Library

  • Martha Long: 1,000 Hours
  • Karen Pellerin: 1,000 Hours

Pohick Regional Library

  • Mary Sullivan: 5,000 Hours

Reston Regional Library

  • Vicki Rea: 3,000 Hours
  • Nancy Dickson: 1,000 Hours
  • Charles Denno: 1,000 Hours
  • Julia Scoville: 1,000 Hours
  • Netherland Wilson: 1,000 Hours

Sherwood Regional Library

  • Susan Hitch: 3,000 Hours
  • Nora Gyuk: 1,000 Hours

Thomas Jefferson Library

  • Suzanne Lloyd: Exceptional Service

Tysons-Pimmit Regional Library

  • Jessica Cook: Exceptional Service
  • Nina Larson: Exceptional Service
  • Mae McCarty: 12,500 Hours
  • Frances Wheeler: 3,000 Hours
  • Martin Schindler: 1,000 Hours
  • John Ball: 1,000 Hours