Herndon Proposes $45 Million Budget, Up 7.8%

photoHerndon Town Manager Arthur A. Anselene has proposed a FY 2012 Budget of $45,432,660, a 7.8 percent increase over the FY 2011 Budget.

According to Anselene, the town is rebounding from the recent nationwide recession, with real estate assessments – both residential and commercial – up seven and three percent, respectively, as compared to last year.

Highlights of the proposed FY 2012 Budget include:

  • Maintenance of the real estate tax at its current rate, $0.2675 per $100 of assessed value.
  • A recommended increase in the meals tax from its current1.5 percent to 2.5 percent. The revenues collected through this increase will be dedicated to downtown utility relocation; major road repaving; future funding of a downtown parking garage; and targeted promotion of the town’s restaurant industry.
  • An increase in personnel costs that includes a 2.5 percent cost of living adjustment for all regular status employees, following two consecutive fiscal years during which no market rate or merit-based increases were granted. The proposed increase in personnel costs also accounts for a significant increase in health insurance premiums anticipated in FY 2012.
  • Transitional funding for operation of the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) through October 2011, at which point Fairfax County, as included in its proposed FY 2012 Budget, will assume operation of the NRC.

The Town Council is soliciting public comment on the FY 2012 proposed budget at its April 12 and April 26 Public Hearings.  The meetings begin at 7 pm in the Mary Ingram Council Chambers.


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